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Poomsae Competitions

Poomsae OVR is a system that integrates all data about the Poomsae competition through a central DB server, which can not only computerize competition operation but also compile the competition results in real-time.
Internal network installation enables stable and efficient operation, and the headquarter can manage all progress of the competition in real-time.
Composition of the competition operating system
  • - Result management system
  • - Court assignment system
  • - Player calling system
  • - Draw Sheet creation system
Poomsae Scoring System and Program
It is an electronic scoring system using wireless network technology, which enables accurate scoring by using a tablet PC andmanagement of scoring records (Output of the records).
It is possible to play various court at the same time and easy to install and manage equipment.
The Poomsae Scoring Program is integrated software which has accumulated technology through know-how of our experiences in various competitions by managing connected equipment and operating competitions efficiently.
It is designed as to display an equipment error immediately so that users can handle it quickly not to delay the competition flow.

External Screen Display System
50-inch TV monitor displays all information of the competition so that executives and spectators as well as judges, coaches, and players can see the progress of competitions in each court at a glance.
It is easier to install the screen than the former scoring system and more flexible to place in accordance with the stadium condition.
Imagery Interpretation System
High-performance camera and computer-based image reading system enables fast and accurate determination.

Service Process